Strategic planning is the means of envisioning your organization’s future and determining how to get there. We will work with you to develop and implement a strategic plan for the organization that supports your goals and objectives. Our process includes working with the organization to identify strengths and challenges, setting goals, developing measures to track the progress of your goals, and drafting the plan and advising on plan implementation.


Building and maintaining partnerships is important for organizations to inspire collaborations and create change. We will work with you to build strategic partnerships and alliances with like-minded individuals, businesses, elected officials and other stakeholders to advance your objectives in ways such as spreading awareness, leveraging resources and developing joint activities.



Grant funds are made available from government, corporations and foundations to support an organization’s programs and projects. We offer support by researching and qualifying prospective sources of grant opportunities and provide guidance on ways to shape a project in accordance with the grant makers priorities related to the specific grant program.



Participation in government affairs and advocacy is vital in order to ensure that governmental policies affecting your cause or service offerings adequately represent your needs and concerns. We offer a tailored and client-centered approach to help meet an organization’s needs at the federal level. Our approach is to work with you to meet your organization's objectives through the development and implementation of diverse and flexible strategies to obtain legislative, regulatory and/or funding support. 

Our work includes:

  • Planning strategies/creation of policy agendas
  • Lobbying 
  • Creating communications documents and collaterals, such as talking points and white papers
  • Communication with policymakers
  • Coordination of advocacy days and related events
  • Meeting facilitation with policymakers and government agency officials
  • Bill tracking, review and analysis
  • Coalition development